Ramona Singer

Ramona tries to understand the motives behind Jill's surprise visit.

on May 27, 2010


What a season its been. We just taped the reunion show and you will not believe what went down! I can't wait for all of you to view it.

I am now in Tampa preparing for my HSN show airing Friday, May 25th 11pm PT and May 26th at 2am EST. I'm so exhausted I don't know how I'm doing it all. I just got back from Africa and now I won't get back home until Saturday.

Now on to the show. I have to say each episode gets better and better. I was so relieved Kelly had left St. John. I no longer wanted to be responsible for her as she was having serious issues and it was scary (much scarier than you could ever imagine!) I had called Jill the evening before to ask her to please meet Kelly at the airport. I was so concerned for her and wanted someone to meet her and make sure she was OK. Jill had conveyed to me that Kelly was sending her strange texts and wasn't making any sense. I wonder why Jill did not tell me that night of her plan to come to St. John. Is is because she knew I would say it wasn't a good idea? I think now that has to be the case. She got it in her head she was coming and did not want me to say no. What is even more strange to me is that Jill didn't meet her friend Kelly at the airport. If you're my good friend I would do anything for you and be there. Why wasn't Jill there for Kelly?

Jill was aware of the seriousness of the situation, not only from me but from Bethenny as well. So when Jill just strolled in so nonchalant as if nothing was wrong, I was speechless. I took one look at Alex and saw her trembling and shaking. Knowing that Bethenny's father just died and that her pregnancy was in a fragile state and couldn't take stress, I made my decision. I had my guests to consider and I needed them to be comfortable. Why Jill could not understand my reasoning is really troubling to me. It was just another selfish, self absorbed move of Jill's to waltz in as though nothing was wrong. I felt badly, but why couldn't Jill see the whole picture? If she had, she would have understood my reasons.