Ramona Singer

Ramona tries to understand the motives behind Jill's surprise visit.

on May 27, 2010

The last night at dinner with the other three women was so much fun. Alex had surprised me by catching lobsters and Sonya set the table beautifully. She has such style. Bethenny made her fabulous martinis and she created a special one for me that evening! I must get that recipe. Opening the gifts was a hoot and I was embarrassed by the bondage bracelets, but they were beautiful. One bracelet was all diamond rhinestones - I think I will wear it as a necklace! I must say the four of us had a great time that evening.

I was not feeling well when I went to the skating party but I felt it was important to show up and support Jill. When Kelly cornered me I freaked out, because I really did not want to deal with her craziness. I tried to shut her down but to no avail. Oh well, what's a girl to do?

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