Simon van Kempen

The Real Househusband of NYC gives his take on the season 3 premiere!

on Mar 4, 2010


So here we are BACK again! Season 3! This time, who comes back into this season with a vengeance?

After the obligatory recap of season 2 highlights, yes, yes Ramona, we know you don’t like us, yes, I feel the heat AGAIN, but wow, the finale, when we danced. What no recap of the ruining of certain f*ing surprises? And with that we are off to the intro credits and the original 5 women still have the same intro lines from Season 1 –

It’s the last weekend of the summer and Jill & Luann amble down the moorings in Sag Harbor looking for the boat commandeered by Ramona for the day but Jill only has one thing on her mind. Food! There’d better be some; it seems that their lunch plans weren’t going to be sufficient. Short haired Ramona wearing a bikini matching her hair color, pops out like up like a meerkat with way too much energy for the them. As part of Ramona’s season of renewal she had reached out to Alex. We had run into Mario & Ramona fairly often between seasons & I think you all know by now that neither Alex nor I are one to hold grudges. Off camera we’d enjoyed spending limited time together and so when Ramona asked Alex to join her she readily accepted. Of course, Ramona’s renewed self, still couldn’t resist a dig on whether Alex needed to ask my permission. All I will say on that, is that Alex and I continue to pay a serious price for going along with the GNO storyline of season 1. This season we hope that that old piece of humbug will be consigned to history. Now let’s move on... .