Simon van Kempen

Simon reflects on a Real Housewives Halloween!

on Apr 28, 2009

The saying is ‘a day late a dollar short’ so I guess I owe you all 6 dollars by now but also better late than never, right? I will, however, keep this one a little shorter.

This episode opens with Victoria home from boarding school and a chance for them to catch up more than they’ve been able to do in the 2 months she’s been gone. LuAnn gets a refresher on grinding and dirty frog dancing but she seems truly shocked that Victoria has been shopping in goodwill stores.

The BBC World Service comes to interview Jill about the state of the world’s economy and I do have to say that Jill deftly managed to deflect some of their leading questions and overall came off pretty well. Their parting comment about interviewing REAL celebrities came across as pretty mean.

We see Kelly updating her comp card pictures as well as take an A-shaped picture for her upcoming Halloween party to which she’s (surprisingly) lent her name (although maybe this time she sold it). The answer from the photographer “we love a good booty shot” to her question “do you want to do some from behind because they’re like ‘spicy’” definitely should be juxtaposed against Kelly’s comment later in this episode as she arrives at her Halloween party! ;-)

LuAnn’s clearly decided that Victoria needs new clothes so she has no need to ever visit a ‘goodwill’ store again, and so takes her shopping at a place where the price tags contain at least an additional two numbers prior to the decimal point. But first LuAnn decides to do her own bit of goodwill and aid the local street vendors by paying over price for street jewelry – hey it’s all good for the local economy!