Simon van Kempen

Simon talks Kelly's Playboy shoot, Jill's Saks party, and Alex's meltdown.

on Mar 25, 2010


Wow it’s already week four - at this stage in the first season, it was already more than half way over but in this, the third season we are not even third of the way in.

After the quick third episode recap we catch up with Bethenny as Jason gets home from work to find her lounging in her own branded SG bathrobe, after the obligatory baby/baby/baby exchange B discovers one of the best things about living with someone. There’s always someone to vent at; and baby did she vent! She recaps the Jill Stuart fashion show run in with Jill and LuAnn and once that’s done Jason decides that now is the perfect time to resolve their separate living arrangements with a cryptic “but before we can do that a commitment will be made. “ It’s sort of a pre-proposal proposal with a property lease attached.

Pamella Roland makes her second RHONY appearance (Alex, Bethenny and I went in Season One) as LuAnn and Kelly arrive. Kelly needs a pointer on how she should introduce LuAnn and after a couple of suggestions we learn that Kelly’s definition for ‘Countess’ is ‘charitable’ and ‘lovely.’ I am sure Kelly has her very own copy of the ‘Dictionary of Iconic and Superlative Adjectives’ as it seems she uses at least one in every sentence. While LuAnn thanks her for the compliment she decides that yes, she should be called Countess as “it is her name.” LuAnn, it’s not your name. That would be LuAnn de Lesseps or originally LuAnn Nadeau but ‘Countess’ is just an honorary title, to be used in lieu of Miss, Ms or Mrs, that you received when you were the wife of a Count.

Bethenny arrives and LuAnn suddenly has full color in her face as clearly her blood pressure is increasing. Bethenny decides to give her a run for her money but at least as far as we saw, the dig that B accuses L of making seemed pretty innocuous to me. After a quick set of photos with Lisa Rinna (AKA Mrs Harry Hamlin) Bethenny decides another fashion show altercation is called for. After LuAnn states how she and Jill are ‘very good friends” Bethenny tells her the types of things Jill’s been saying about LuAnn for sometime. B goes on to call her a snake (LuAnn not Jill) and LuAnn for once actually holds her own. They sit down to watch the fashion show (although the seats behind them are still pretty deserted) and just after Kelly states how embarrassed she is to see them argue. LuAnn’s conscious gets the better of her and she states to Bethenny that she is not a skank. Now last I checked my dictionary a snake is a limbless reptile and a skank is a promiscuous female. However could LuAnn have gotten confused? Arguments done, we get a quick 15 second clip of Pamella’s clothes – I wonder if Ms Roland will consent to filming in future seasons.