Simon van Kempen

Simon talks Kelly's Playboy shoot, Jill's Saks party, and Alex's meltdown.

on Mar 25, 2010

Bethenny meets Ramona for a quick drink and initially Ramona takes the role of diplomat until she inquires whether Bethenny’s been invited to Jill’s event the following night at Saks. High school it’s all high school, says Ramona which unfortunately four episodes in is proving to be the case.

Over at Jill’s, LuAnn joins her to prepare for the upcoming Saks event, which provides Gloria a chance to give us another dose of her ‘wisdom.' Last season Bethenny, this one LuAnn. Methinks Abby and Ann Landers are safe for a little while. Jill had been pretty active between seasons and was able to put together a very impressive private dinner despite the unfounded rumor that Ramona alluded to. I do though have to agree with Ramona that the Alexander McQueen dress worn by Jill that night just didn’t look right on her. Yes, it was too metallic but much worse than that, it was not at all a flattering fit on her.

Kelly arrives wearing what seems to be a fur vest designed as shoulder pads as worn by a football player. Alex & I are seen arriving and honestly a couple of days prior I was concerned that I might be being set up for a reprise of the infamous GNO crashing of season 1, but this time I was determined to be smarter; cover all my basis and I did. No drama about crashing when of course, just like on that previous occasion I hadn’t. Alex I got to shop, LuAnn got to narrate but most amusing was when Alex and I were speaking with LuAnn about an up coming event she was planning for I had a subtle dig regarding Mario’s ‘tasteless joke’ regarding her title which backfired completely when big ears pipes in. “Mario?”, are you still talking about Mario?” Ramona clearly didn’t believe LuAnn’s denials and so thought she’d really get to her by telling Alex and me that LuAnn didn’t want us at her house on Labor Day anyway. This is the perfect segue to a pretty difficult scene for me to watch. I have no idea where I was but I didn’t know about this until later that night at home. Alex is telling Ramona that she needs to talk with Jill and vent about Jill’s constant harping about our chums when up walks Jill. Alex implores Ramona to play bartender and Alex speaks to Jill. Of course, we then cut to Jill in interview saying she didn’t do anything wrong. Deny.deny.deny. and then goes onto to state what an inappropriate place it was to discuss? Jill, do you mean like at Ungaro last week? Anyway I hate to see Alex cry, but they were the tears of a wounded Mom and all I can say is watch out when those tears are replaced by anger. I did notice Jill’s apology in her blog last week however that seemed more of an apology about our upcoming book than continually talking smack about our kids. Lastly despite Jill’s interview that Alex’s tears had nothing to do with her, I can confirm how wrong she is and was.