Simon van Kempen

Simon discusses charity work, his bright wardrobe, and his Speedos!

on Feb 24, 2009

OK riveting TV - it's a dog's first b'day! Let's celebrate Aston, er no, it's an excuse for LuAnn to have a drinks party and hot pink Ramona wants a cocktail (and then sheepishly looks around for who might lick it off her arm). Quizzed by Bethenny on why she left the Help for Orphans benefit without saying goodbye (and in my mind leaving before the auction is worse than not saying farewells), she comes out with another Ramona-ism: "I didn't want to interrupt the flow."

So now we're on to discussion about the 'new girl' Kelly, and if this isn't a scene that takes you back to high school with the posse talking about the new arrival I don't know what is. Jill: "What's the dirt" "was she warm & friendly" "where's she live" here I'm on Ramona's side but then Jill gives a nice little speech about Alex sponsoring two orphans for a year though as far as Ramona's concerned we did it "to kiss Jill's butt." Yeah right!

So after our little charitable endeavor, we're off shopping to buy some wardrobe for season 2. Here you'll see me buy the jacket, shirt & trousers I wore to the party shown last week, several bright colorful "fins" which you might see a lot of throughout the season and of course the Herve Leger dress that Alex wears in this season's credits.

Across to the pool and Bethenny finally finds her prince charming, but she neglects to kiss him and alas he stays a frog and she single. So still single Bethenny learns Jill's bed is better than a therapists' couch and the dreaded J word is brought up. I'll let people more distant to Bethenny than me call the rest of this scene, but as Bethenny says 'she wants to focus on more on herself.' Hmm. Next we cut to Bethenny showing just HOW MUCH IT SHOWS that Jill is from Long Island, but as they say context is everything.