Simon van Kempen

Simon talks Labor Day drama, the formation of the "Dissing LuAnn Society," and more!

on Mar 12, 2010


So have you all recovered from Episode one’s verbal slugfest? It’s been interesting to read the cast’s respective blogs and see that some of them are dialing back their words under the guise of "It’s just good TV." That comment I certainly understand. But if you live by the sword (when you blog, comment and criticize those who appear on other Real Housewives’ shows) then surely you must also die by it too.

So after a quick recap of last weeks show, Bethenny and Jason await for the arrival of Ramona at the Pink Elephant. I know I am getting old, and yes, we’ve been to that club, but I just don’t get the attraction to sit around a crowded table at Midnight paying $200 for a bottle of Vodka (that costs $2 to make). Anyway another discussion ensues about the newly cut & coiffed Ramona, and I quote says Ramona, “I just thought my hair was like Samson & Delia.” Now, I don’t want to make a Mountain out of a Holemill but surely even if Ramona has forgotten the Old Testament, she is old enough to remember the Tom Jones's Delilah from 1968 and know about the second L?

Anyway, Bethenny and Ramona form the mutual ‘Dissing LuAnn Society’ and B tells Mario that his Count-less comment was an uncool thing to say. Hello Pot, my name is Kettle! Bethenny then compounds her error by using the made up word “attackive” as used by LuAnn during the Season 2 Reunion Specials. I sure hope she knew she was being ironic. Anyway it’s off to the dance floor and another of Ramona’s dances where she communicates with the techno gods.

The sun dawns and the new improved and less downtrodden Rosie appears in a scene that adds some human dimension to the recent divorce. It seems that no longer mopping up Aston’s pee and looking after ‘la famille de Lesseps’ has done wonders for her. In Rosie’s talking head interview we learn a more private side of LuAnn and that Rosie thinks she’s lonely and is worried for her. I will for the moment ignore LuAnn begging for a comment from Rosie on ‘how well she (LuAnn) looks’ as it as either a sign of a pretty fragile recent divorcee or a continuation of her self -centeredness.