Simon van Kempen

Simon talks Kelly's Playboy shoot, Jill and Bethenny's fashion show showdown, and more!

on Mar 18, 2010

A dramatic change of pace occurs as we now hear Bobby on the phone getting an “all clear” call from his doctors. I do know that 2009 was a pretty hard year for Bobby starting with a scare while on vacation in December 2008 and then leading up to this scare. None of us like health shocks like that, but sometimes they are a warning sign that help us right some wrongs with how we are living our lives. Bobby has a few years on me but I have to say when he and I spoke last week (we did; our wives didn’t) he’s looking better than ever. As I go back and watch that scene I just wish that Jill had been as demonstrative with Bobby as she was when she picked up Ginger.

In the make up chair Kelly’s getting her final touches (prior to the obligatory and often unnecessary, distorting airbrushing) and after a brief comparison to Bethenny’s PETA shoot and then another Kellyism where she calls Playboy “the most infamous book in the world” (her world perhaps), we see Kelly in her element. She’s clearly far more natural in front of a still camera than a moving one and at 41 (and as far as I am aware free of most plastic surgery and other ahem; enhancements) she’s looking pretty damn fine. It’s too bad that Playboy couldn’t spare her 10 pages or seem to find any space to use any of the photos that were captured the day this was filmed.

With that we’re off to LuAnn’s event at Ungaro and after a fleeting glimpse of one Ms. Lohan (who had just been appointed something or other at Ungaro and who was un-appointed a few weeks ago) and a chance for Jill to talk about the fabulous group of people she mixes with.

This night was crazy in NYC and coming in the midst of a very deep recession was put together by NYC & Co (the City’s business & tourism organization) as a way to boost the fashion industry – and boy it certainly did that. It was a big kick off the Fashion Week and the fall season in NYC, coming just three days after the Labor Day long weekend. Alex and I were coming from the Purple Event, a fashion show in aid of the Anita Kaufman Foundation which although was filmed didn’t make this episode. A friend of ours, Derek and Ramona also had turned up in support of Alex. So as we come bounding up the stairs decked out in purple we are about to see LuAnn and Jill for the first since we’d not turned up the previous Monday. Alex is seen introducing Derek to Jill and while she was restrained in person; her talking head piece seemed a little toxic as she called him freaky and said that he scared the crap out of her. All I can assume is that it must be a long time since she’s seen Brad, her gay husband of seasons past.