Simon van Kempen

Simon talks Kelly's Playboy shoot, Jill and Bethenny's fashion show showdown, and more!

on Mar 18, 2010

A squeal at the tennis dinner is Ramona’s biggest imprint on this episode and we get another chance to rehash Mario’s Countless comment, while everyone conveniently ignores Ramona’s televised slut accusation while on speaker phone last week. Just which is worse?

The interstitial in the ad break is just the perfect example of a Kellyism in Kellyworld. Kelly yes, PETA does not want animals abused but it also does not want you or anyone else wearing fur. Yes, it’s your right to do so and it’s their right to tell you, you shouldn’t. But please, cold blooded person (did you mean cold hearted) don’t wait those 5 years you mentioned to educate yourself about PETA.

Jill goes to visit Kelly and Jill is seemingly blown away not only by the size of Kelly’s apartment as well as her hand bag book cases, and broaches the subject of the 40th anniversary photo shoot. Presumably Bobby had gone to visit his library and while there checked out the January 1994 issue, so Jill could set the record straight. We learn maybe it’s a shoot commemorating the anniversary of the bunny costume but anyway rightly or wrongly Kelly’s agent gets the blame.

Over at Brooklyn it’s ‘Pizza Night’ at the McCord/van Kempen’s and at last a scene where you get to see us have a family dinner at home (if you haven’t already seen these please check out some great clips put together by Bravo of our home– here are links for Part 1 and Part 2). Alex cooks phenomenal thin crust pizza but as the subject turns to the trashing of our sons we ask Johan to join his brother so as not to hear. They both like Jill and we certainly don’t want to change that. Alex and I discussed that afternoon where François first met Darren. The back flip he did after the high five grab was not a big deal to Darren, François nor to me, so I hadn’t even mentioned to Alex. However for reasons only known to them it must have been an affront to Jill and LuAnn. Why? I have no idea. Anyway dinner is served and the four of us heartily tuck into pizza. Yum!