Simon van Kempen

Simon talks Kelly's Playboy shoot, Jill and Bethenny's fashion show showdown, and more!

on Mar 18, 2010

Fashion week continues and Jill attends Jil Stuart‘s fashion show knowing full well that she’d run into Bethenny after the ‘horrific’ phone call. Bethenny breezes in trying to take the high road, an air kiss here, an air kiss there. Kelly arrives and succeeds in greeting Bethenny the way Bethenny had tried to greet Jill. The models walk the runway and tension is building. After the show is over Bethenny and Jill trade words - “get a hobby” “you didn’t show up for me” and Jill walks out. LuAnn pitches in that Jill isn’t ready yet and divulges that LuAnn had heard the 10 week old message. Bethenny gets a chance to suggest that towards the end of their friendship that she’d found Jill suffocating and with that we’re done…..

Until next week – I shop!

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Have a great week!