Simon van Kempen

Simon talks Kellisms, bickering over bad press, and emotional threats via email!

on Apr 1, 2010


Week five and we’re straight into the saga of Jill and Bethenny with B suspecting that Jill has run off to the Daily News to plant a story. Where ever would Bethenny have gotten that idea from? Well, let’s see. In Season 2 Jill ran off and gossiped to Cindy Adams at the NY Post about me and Alex, here Bethenny is suggesting she’s done so to her on this occasion and we strongly suspect Jill’s fingerprints were all over the Feb 4th rumor about Bravo cutting us from Season 4. So, maybe Jill finally has gotten a new hobby – gossiping (but isn’t that just like her old one?) ;-)

I remember when this ‘story’ came out and was surprised that it said that Bethenny was cutting ties with all the other Housewives as that’s not what I’d been seeing first hand between Alex and Bethenny. Now I had been getting weird emails but more on that later… It certainly seems that Bethenny was pretty p’d off with Jill but she does state that this is between her and Jill and that she’s going to call Jill and try and sort it out.

We lob downturn where Kelly is meeting Playboy journalist, Mike Guy. Mike is probably best known as someone who was sure he could survive 15 seconds of waterboarding (he understandably freaked after 4.5 seconds), so after that, surely interviewing Kelly would be a breeze. But low and behold she knew how to knock him for 6 and put him off his game. Tell him he’s the most handsome journalist she’d ever met in her life! However despite Kelly throwing out Kellisms like the “this is an organic experience – a breakthrough in journalism,” he obviously did get a scoop out of her as we find out why she can’t remember what she looked like in the photos. If you look at the March edition, this interview starts on page 92. On page 95 it reads, and I quote verbatim, “a month after these pictures were shot, she allegedly punched her 31 year old boyfriend Nick Stefanov, in the face, leaving a nasty gash.” Now that perhaps is why the photos that were published looked nothing like the ones we saw two weeks ago on episode 3, as the incident with Stefanov happened in early March 2009.

Out east in we see a nice scene between LuAnn and Victoria; and we get a chance to see that Victoria clearly has the talent to sketch (and yes Luann even I could guess that that was a shoe). These rare family scenes are even better this season when thrown in between the constant bickering. Real scenes, real family interaction – we need more of that.