Simon van Kempen

Simon talks Kellisms, bickering over bad press, and emotional threats via email!

on Apr 1, 2010


After the first break we get a second mother/daughter scene although at this one Kelly drops in. Ally is doing a photo shoot for Seventeen magazine but it almost seems that Jill got more of a thrill after being associated with Kelly, as she intones to us all on interview, how proud she was that Kelly was with her. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Kelly, but I suppose if your fabulous circle of people extends to Michael Lohan and John Gosselin, as it did for Jill over the summer, then yes, Kelly is a step up. Now with the shoot in Kelly’s words Jill was so over the top; did it relax Ally? You be the judge.

Anyway while Ally is changing and as Kelly is telling her about her Playboy interview Jill speaks the truth. “Tell me everything – I need to know all the details.” Why? Isn’t sometimes too much exhausting? But then Jill adds the final touch when she tells us that there’s no such thing as the perfect person, (that when looking for a partner) you have to compromise? I, can in honestly state, that that is not always the case, viz Alex and me.

Alex and Derek meet up as Alex had co-opted Derek on to the board of the Brooklyn Fashion Week{end} put on by the Brooklyn Style Foundation. (next one is Sunday April 11th). First Bethenny, then Kelly & Ramona arrive to help select the designers for the weekend and give some feedback. However, the principal reason was to choose the designer whose clothes would close the show. But of course when Housewives are involved, an appetizer of bickering had to be endured prior to the main course of designer selection. When Bethenny said that she was sure Jill had planted the story in Gatecrasher, Ramona quickly jumped in stating that Jill wouldn’t stoop that low. Ramona, how’s your memory? Did you forget how season 2 started?

Within a nanosecond, Kelly and Bethenny are at it; and it takes an Alex that I have seen many times but you the viewers haven’t, to silence the bickerers, bring them back on track and concentrate on the issue at hand. As we’ve heard her say on the previews “she’s calm until she’s not” (and then watch out!!)