Simon van Kempen

Simon talks Kellisms, bickering over bad press, and emotional threats via email!

on Apr 1, 2010


During the ad break the little snippet of Mario being ‘directed’ by Ramona was cute. It’s good to see when a man knows his place.

LuAnn arrives and she brings Jill a “Go Big or Go Home’ goblet, which I think was a compliment, but her arrival coincides with Bethenny calling Jill to try and sort through their issues. Bethenny seemed to really try on this call but Jill’s face while Bethenny was talking conveyed exactly how she felt. Jill’s closing monologue shows true colors.

Yes, LuAnn, you can’t believe she called but remember you had suggested that a fashion show was the wrong place to discuss their problem. Honestly I’ve been friends with them both and and at loggerheads as well, but on this occasion Bethenny seemed to hold out some hope on this call only to be smirked at and smacked down.

Wow with toxic friends like those... If a week prior they were written about as frenemies it would seem true after hearing Jill’s emails and the way she reacted on by telling Bethenny that she is now her mortal enemy. Who wants a friend like that?