Simon van Kempen

Simon talks Hamptons vacations, spa treatments, and gettin' sweaty!

on Mar 3, 2009

So Episode 3 opens with Bethenny & LuAnn surfing with Ramona & Jill as moral support and Bethenny learns the new etiquette that she who invites, pays. Next the Count puts in an appearance to welcome home Rosie back after a month's long vacation in the Philippines, and she's taken straight to the cellar to the laundry. What a nice welcome! After she's done the laundry and stripped the aphids from the flowers in the garden the Countess excitedly and expectantly asks if Rosie brought them all presents. Thankfully she did!

Then it's off to Pierre's for lunch with LuAnn, Jill and Ramona and the conversation turns quickly to boarding school, as Victoria is soon off to one at the end of summer. While I understand and concur with Ramona's disdain for them, she was a little too blunt for my liking in attacking LuAnn for sending Victoria; whereas Jill was quite tactful. The school I attended in Australia had both day boys and boarders, who were over 20% of the total enrollment. While our boys were both enrolled at their birth for that school (in case Alex and I were to die and they were to go and live with my younger brother,) that would be the only circumstances that I could see them attending a boarding school. However, throughout my time living in the UK I knew many friends who attended boarding school and they were just as well adjusted as those that didn't (well roughly in the same proportions anyway).

Jill delicately changes the subject to a charity event she wanted to organize back in NYC and Ramona said she was organizing one but would try and go to Jill's. When Jill suggested that she'd ask Alex to help with some design items, Ramona decided that she couldn't be involved because she will have do nothing with us; "We're strange, she doesn't like me, we're very bizarre, I make her flesh crawl" and then in interview she says "we're not real" and "we're not down to earth" and are a "sham."