Simon van Kempen

Simon talks Hamptons vacations, spa treatments, and gettin' sweaty!

on Mar 3, 2009

Now, she's totally entitled to her opinion, but Jill mentioned that she was asking Alex to help with a charity event not have us move in with Ramona. All I can say is if everybody adopted Ramona's outlook in life nothing would ever be accomplished, anywhere. Sometimes for the greater good you've just got to suck it up and put the prima donna act away – you'll just have to wait as this storyline develops and see if she does!

Moving on to Boot Camp Jill gets a work out and while she might have been shown up by Bethenny & LuAnn she takes it all in her usual good stride.

Back to our July 4th rental Gina puts us in the sauna, I pour on the water and Alex and I enjoyed some time getting sweaty in a nice, hot, steamy room. After I came out of the sauna I prepared for my body wrap, which involved being mummified with towels that have been boiled within an inch of their lives in herb infused water. As you hear my voice-over describing the treatment, in when of the worst sound splices in TV history, I again am heard saying, "doesn't make me gay, for God's sake". If they keep reusing that sound bite, I am definitely going to get a reputation as one who doth protest too much! LOL!

"I am feeling the heat, I am feeling the heat" as I lie down on these 212 degree towels. Ouch! Whiled I'm being poached in my herbal-infused terry-toweling, Alex gets a foot massage before having her tarot cards read and I'm glad to say that some seven months later, we haven't inherited any property!