Simon van Kempen

Simon talks about Kelly photography skills, Jill and LuAnn's sleepover party, dysfunctional dads and more.

on Apr 8, 2010

Next we come across Kelly madly stating ‘sorry’ as she runs up to people on the street; even ones trying to get in cabs. She’s trying to get the street person’s view of how they distill trends from fashion magazines to daily life. At least as far as we see she doesn’t seem to get too far until she just so coincidentally happens to run into Peter Butler; celebrity hairstylist. This conversation is another chance for Kelly to explain that she was once married to Gilles Bensimon. Now, personally I never understand why some women seem validated by the men with whom they were once married and yes I am looking at you Countess, but what really blows this scene for me is Kelly stating that Gilles the best photographer in the UNIVERSE! I suppose a statement like this is pertinent on this the third season of our show with all the other high school crap going on, but seriously didn’t we give up writing our address as:

21 Main St
Big Town,
Large State, 99999
United States
North America
The World
The Universe

… grade school?

I won’t touch on how someone at 41 years of age can not even manage to ensure her camera strap stays out of the front of the lens. LOL.

LuAnn, pops in to the SoHo Partnership’s new store Use Your Head a store selling used designer clothing on the same street as a for profit one; Second Time Around that Alex opened last year. That’s one of the great things about this city; there is room for all sorts of businesses; some people need the cash from selling their old clothes whereas others are just happy to give them away. Anyway it’s great that three seasons in LuAnn has stayed consistent with her televised support of the SoHo Partnership. And I applaud her for that.

We leave a great LuAnn scene and arrive at one that is, let’s just say, um no. I found it strange watching Jill and Bethenny lolling around bed last summer last season, but at least that was in the middle of the day, but this one with LuAnn in her negligee and Jill admitting she’d dressed up in her best night attire (she tells us she only wears sweats for Bobby) is just too much. Were they geeky & gawky adolescents and missed out on being 14, 30+ years ago? And lastly what Jill scene would be complete without Ginger doing something disgusting. Jill’s jealousy seems to know no bounds, this time about how that Kelly and Bethenny had eventually been civil with other at Alex’s Brooklyn Fashion Week[end] meeting. Now I was there for a part of that lunch, I certainly don’t remember Kelly and Bethenny morphing into BFF’s; just two of six people meeting for the purpose of designer selection. But anyway who the hell dictates whether their friends can be friends with others?