Simon van Kempen

Simon addresses his run-in with Ramona at Fashion Week.

on Mar 24, 2009

One major housekeeping issue from last week. Although I addressed this scene in my 1st Bravo blog in last week’s episode when I was incorrectly introduced, it took an eagle eyed viewer to email me (and I thank you again) and point out a ‘little’ inconsistency in the subtitling. If you had watched that episode in closed captions you could see that I do make an attempt at a correction when I am introduced as holding a position at Hotel Chandler that I do not. (Happily, thanks to viewers, the inconsistency was rectified). I am the first to admit that I can’t recall verbatim everything I say some seven or eight months later, however at the introduction I did state “Don’t believe her," and later had the conversation that I described last week. Now, for those whose feelings for me border on hatred I know that you’ll not be satisfied with this minor correction but.I.don’!

With that done...The episode opens with the previous week’s recap and it’s straight into a scene with Kelly, her assistant Taryn & her horse! They’re going through the mountains of Fashion Week invites and deciding which she’ll go to support her friends and others to write about so she “can synthesize the week in an unusual way." I know I didn’t go to Columbia, so could someone who did translate that for me?

Cut to Jill preparing for her little lunch with Zang Toi and the question arises who had the “Team Toi/Jill” t-shirts first? Despite what some of you might think to the contrary, I must say that I am glad that Jill was wearing the shorter skirt! So Jill gets to try on a ton of clothes and luckily (good prep Zang & staff) they just happen to fit her where she keeps on telling us she has trouble fitting in. I am the first to admit that Jill’s looking fabulous too!