Simon van Kempen

Simon addresses his run-in with Ramona at Fashion Week.

on Mar 24, 2009

Cue strings so it must be time for Silex – and we’re out visiting one of Alex’s favorite new designers Christopher Deane at their Williamsburg studio. We first met Christopher (Crawford) & Angela (Deane) when their designs were featured at one of our favorite local boutiques Epaulet, owned by our friends Mike Kuhle & Adele Berne. Alex had bought some of Angela & Christopher’s dresses and when wearing the out had been photographed in them (and this time not just from the back lol) and said photos had garnered quite a bit of press. Funnily enough it seems I provided all the voice over/interviews for this scene, but trust me, Alex loved them all too! Lastly, wrapping up this scene you hear -- perhaps tmi -- that as I had ‘made myself surgically incapable’ (well, actually our urologist had) that we wouldn’t be having anymore children. We realized after the birth of Johan that two children would do for us, and although my father was named Francois Johan Walter van Kempen, we had decided that if we had a 3rd boy we weren’t going add a ‘Walter’ into the mix!

Next it’s the meeting with Christina De Simone from People Reaching Out to organize the Creaky Joints Charity Benefit which might be seen later in the season. Bethenny & Ramona are there to assist (although Bethenny rightly says that sometimes these meetings can create more hot air than definite plans.) However, plans seem pretty well afoot when the meeting ends.

Finally we get to see in all its glory, the scene previewed all week on Bravo, Russell Simmons’s NYFW launch of his Argyle Culture, and we learn while watching the episode that Kelly has arranged for us all to be invited! In the VIP section pre-party Ramona & Luann make up after their Hope Lodge tiff, (well sort of, although hadn’t they discussed it at Bethenny’s magazine cover party already?) and then you see us arriving. I was going down to join the line with everyone else but Alex saw the correct place for us enter, and as I do oh so well, I followed her in. Next Ramona is going on about how she heads to the other side of the room when ‘we’ walk in and immediately they cut to a very warm "Hey Honey" greeting from Ramona to Alex. Caught like a deer in the headlights (sorry, but I couldn’t resist that analogy) I decided as the fashion show was still a long time from starting and that I may as well have a little discussion about what her problem with me was. You hear me ask several questions, none of which was “why doesn’t she like me” as Ramona suggested in the follow up interview, and back to live action I finally get out of her that I have "no depth" and am "a shallow person." (Thanks Ramona, but I didn’t need an explanation of what ‘no depth' meant) My retort that she has a ‘man problem’ is refuted and next I am accused of being "feminine (maybe)." Anyway, you see Alex come and get me (not that I am sure that was contiguous) and we take our seats. We are heard making some small/camera talk about our seats and point out how, unlike the scene we filmed at NYFW in Season 1, I am actually sitting next her and not behind her. By the way, somehow I have a feeling this confrontation with Ramona is unfinished business…we’ll see. Finally, with a quick glimpse of the runway you get to see some of Russell’s new designs.