Simon van Kempen

Simon addresses his run-in with Ramona at Fashion Week.

on Mar 24, 2009

Kelly (supported by her loooong legs) walks in to the Malo store to greet LuAnn and invite her to their fashion show. So far this episode, we’ve had Jill and then Alex and now it’s LuAnn’s turn to try on various clothes and then LuAnn successfully persuades Kelly to join the fray. LuAnn asks Kelly about the upcoming charity meeting, and then at the Malo show Kelly talks about the altercation Ramona and I had the previous night. When Kelly mentions that there must be a back story, LuAnn mentions last year’s Girls Night Out fiasco. One day, when I can, I’ll gladly tell you how that night came about. ;-) Finally LuAnn tells Kelly that Ramona can be a little abrupt and warns her that she hasn’t seen that yet. She then proceeds to fill Kelly in on everyone else. Kelly’s showing hesitation to attend the charity meeting and maybe, just maybe, she was forgetting about this new gig she’d signed up for. Kelly?

It’s time for the Zang Toi fashion luncheon and in Jill’s own words, "Of course Brad is there." Today he’s presumably moved from smacking spackle on her apartment’s walls to having a gentler hand and being her make up artist for the day (something, from memory, he did professionally for many years, I might add).

It’s back to Kelly interviewing designer Jill Stuart (who she knows on a ‘more intimate level’) and Kelly admits that in her line of writing she wouldn’t write anything about anyone else that she wouldn’t want written about herself.

Bethenny & Jill are dining at Le Cirque and we get the first hint that there’s trouble between Bethenny and Kelly. In Bethenny’s words, and before she’d made a name for herself, she felt that Kelly had just blanked her. In Jill’s great style she talks about half a boob hanging out of Kelly’s dress one night and from memory that’s a night that although was filmed didn’t make this series (although might have as b-roll once).