Simon van Kempen

Simon reveals the behind-the-scenes details of the epic tennis match!

on Apr 7, 2009

“Who the hell said I could play tennis? Not me!”

So it’s FINALLY the tennis match that’s been brewing all season long to a crescendo, particularly after last week’s finger pointing brouhaha by Mario on Jill. Let’s hope it was worth the wait.

In the previous episode’s recap we see a little of the Bethenny/Kelly Brass Monkey meeting as well as the Marona v. Silex one. I touched on this a little on my blog last week but just wanted to add that this fabulous society party with all their friends that they invited us to was an opening on a 10,000 sq ft event space on the far west side of 42nd Street.

The space is called Espace and photos of the evening can be found here. Evidently, Ramona and Mario, and Alex and I were so important that no one deigned to take our picture! :D

So on to this week’s episode and it’s a follow up meeting to Jill’s charity meeting and Kelly join Jill & Allyson. Jill seems to excuse Kelly’s awkwardness at the previous meeting as Kelly has brought 3 great silent auction gifts to the table. Who doesn’t say money talks! Ramona arrives to announce a watch, clothing sponsor, her own skin care line and then reconfirms the TENNIS MATCH and the original date is set.