Simon van Kempen

Simon van Kempen shares his thoughts on this week's episode!

on Mar 17, 2009

Well look who’s butting his head in here! I know many of you may well be aghast at me now blogging on, but just like I held a gun to the heads of the show’s producers to continually film me and foisted my self on to Andy Cohen for the Season 1 Reunion Special, I have now managed to blackmail the people at Bravo Digital to post my weekly episode recap blog here! For all of you who want to know my secrets on how a Real Husband gets to manipulate all the executives at Bravo send me a cashiers check for $10,000 and I‘ll send you the details!

Thankfully in the previous episode’s recap the producers spare us all a final flash of my torso and then it’s straight into the end of summer and this time Bethenny’s staying with Ramona as she’s gearing up for the Social Life Magazine Labor Day party celebrating Bethenny’s cover.

Evidently it is “Be bitchy to LuAnn day” and Ramona and Bethenny both pile on as they walk their dogs. I’m not saying that LuAnn hasn’t brought some of this on herself, but I do think some of the playing up of her ‘Countess’ title this season has been done with tongue firmly planted in cheek (like the pizza ordering), but when these scenes are shown one after the other, the humor is lost and she ends up coming off in a not very complimentary light.

I am firmly in the camp that Ramona’s two flare-ups with LuAnn (boarding school & the Count’s age) were both out of order and while LuAnn handled the first one well, she should have just shut the 2nd one down, at least while they were at Hope Lodge. As for the retouching incident she had with Bethenny, it may have been a little insensitive but as I wasn’t there I don’t know how or in what order it was said and therefore, like you, have only seen the footage that made it to air. Certainly Bethenny was way too touchy on the issue and to me that says a lot about her own insecurities.