Simon van Kempen

Simon van Kempen shares his thoughts on this week's episode!

on Mar 17, 2009

Finally it’s time for a good scene for LuAnn, and we see her helping Victoria pack for boarding school. At last you see some great mother & daughter time between LuAnn & Victoria. You see she is really going to miss her.

Cue strings and the Brooklyn Bridge and we’re off to Brooklyn to see us return from St. Barths. As you see me mention in an interview, we checked out a little too much while we were on vacation (particularly the 2nd week) and so we had no one to blame but ourselves to find things hadn’t progressed as much as we’d hoped. What we had wanted to return to was a lot of the demolition done and the new wall in front of the boys’ bedrooms completed so we could have a barrier separating our sleeping area from the construction zone.

During the construction phase we planned to use the cellar as our living area and then sleep in the boys’ bedrooms. The upstairs floor was completely cordoned off from the boys and we needed that wall built to cordon off their bedrooms too. As this hadn’t been done we turned around and got back into the car and checked into my hotel in Manhattan until it was. Francois was back at school the next day and so the week of reverse commutes until we moved back home was fun!

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LuAnn is back in Manhattan too and she gets another nice family scene as this time Noel’s off to school for a new school year. Orange juice and croissants for breakfast isn’t bad but dunking said croissants in the OJ? Mmmmmm – nope, not for me.