Simon van Kempen

Simon van Kempen shares his thoughts on this week's episode!

on Mar 17, 2009

Bethenny & LuAnn have yet another lunch to get over their little tiff and this time LuAnn describes our book as one on childrearing and chuckles a little like a certain Sesame Street character. ;-) Then she proceeds to give Bethenny her best dating advice which seems to involve leaning over and giving your beau-to-be a good shot of one’s cleavage.

At last Bethenny gets to put some of the gallons of advice she’s received from all the Housewives over this and previous episodes and has a date with a chef in his kitchen. Note to Bethenny; not that you asked my advice but you cook professionally, he’s a chef and my thoughts would be that the competition would be too intense not to mention the hours suck! She seemed to have an enjoyable evening and as she said later he’s probably not boyfriend material.

Alex joins Bethenny at a Health Expo in Central Park and as they discuss that the weather is not conducive to having good hair – humidity’s a killer! Here’s a chance for Alex to give Bethenny her two cents worth on the relationship front which basically involves her telling our story but stating what worked for her (and us) isn’t necessarily what’ll work for Bethenny. As she recites our story, her interviews are intercut and it’s hard to watch this scene without a tear in my eye as she recounts the intensity of our love almost 10 years strong.