Simon van Kempen

Simon talks about Alex's birthday night and his limo outburst.

on Apr 14, 2009

So in the previous week’s recap we see more of the tennis match. Please let that be the last of this story. NO MORE PLEASE!

This week’s episode opens with a cocktail party at Zarin Fabrics. Mario arrives and oh no, he’s still on about the tennis, his hands gesticulating, his lips gyrating, his brain arghh…I shouldn’t go there. But man let it go. Jill bows out of the argument gracefully and when they cut to her in interview mode she wisely states “mea culpa” and she gives up. Hopefully Mario’s had the last word. But oh no, it’s now my turn. After an apparent compliment about my normal “sartorial” attire I am told that I was dressed for the tennis like I was attending 7th grade gym. Love how as he describes the ‘gray’ shorts I wore we cut to more footage of the tennis with me clearly wearing white shorts. I admit that I’d bought the clothes earlier that day which I had en route to practice with Jill and then play the match that night. Please let this discussion be the very, very, very last word on the tennis. Marona, please just let it go. OK?

Bethenny arrives to another door opening (lol) and proceeds to complain how tiring it is to attend all Jill’s parties. Gracious much? She then says something about vaginas and vases which causes Jill to guffaw and Bobby to blush. Kelly arrives with Max and gives Bethenny another excuse to say how she really feels about her, we get it you don’t like her. Move on then and stop wasting your energy on her. When she does, Bethenny is back to her preferred venue; talking one on one with the camera not to their face.