Simon van Kempen

The Real husband shares his final thoughts on the dramatic second season.

on Jun 1, 2009

I’ll skip forward now to the bit from the RS couches where again Andy Cohen asked the question about my sexuality. My late maternal Grandmother (b.1909) certainly would call me ‘Gay,’ but how she hated how that common meaning of that word had changed throughout the latter part of the 20th century. That being said, my sexual preference has never been anything other than a love for members of the OPPOSITE sex and so I am, along with my predilection for flamboyant and colorful clothes and an urban metrosexual outlook on life, decidedly heterosexual. So guys, can we put this conjecture to rest - please?

So back to the Reunion Specials. I really don’t have much to add as obviously I sat this one out this year. Bobby and I turned up about half an hour before taping ended and we came across a scene of 6 very exhausted women and Andy Cohen grayer than I’d ever seen him before. I wonder if a lot of that grayness had grown throughout the taping! ;-) The only comment I will make about the two RS’s was that Alex really rose above all the shouting and harping and when she spoke she was on point and always managed to make her comment without dragging others down. To me that is a real lesson in communication skills, something she has in abundance.