Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives her take on the wild time the wives had at Ramona's bachelorette party!

on May 13, 2010


OK Bravo viewers, I promise I don't only talk about sex! I talk about homemaking, cooking, gardening, yoga, charity, fashion, art, travels, friendships, but it seems the lines about sex attract the most attention! At the end of the day if people find it entertaining and feel better about their own situation by relating or even feeling superior, that is fine with me.

By the way, on Saturday is posting a video of me making one of my toaster oven recipes. Everyone asked for them, so check it out on YouTube! They are all less than $20, 20 minutes, and VERY simple to make. My aupairs always take them back to Europe with them on index cards. Can you imagine their mothers when they say they want a toaster oven because Mrs. Morgan uses one???

It was nice of Ramona to pick me up on the way to the airport. I am not a morning person and she made sure I made it. It took a lot for me to give up my usual control mode, and for once, let someone else be the hostess, since I am usually the one hosting everyone. It's nice to have a friend who is also a gracious hostess and who reciprocates. I am sure everyone out there knows what it feels like to have people use them, give nothing back, or worse be "on the take."

I was anxious not knowing where we were going, but Ramona made it first class from the start and you will see how it ends.

I am happy LuAnn has this exciting opportunity with her song on iTunes. It keeps her young and vibrant and I give her credit for going after what she wants. Lord knows one can use a distraction during divorce, and it's great to feel you are again successful on your own, with your own identity. We run in a tough crowd, but one cannot live in fear of their dreams. I agreed with her producer, she has star quality and it's fun to watch and take part. I have sung several summers with Ivana (I'm not a singer) in front 2000 people in St. Tropez at our friend's home, and I do it because it's invigorating and because they let me! Maybe LuAnn will join us next time. Everyone gets a giggle out of it.