Sonja Morgan

Sonja talks Jill's surprise entrance, recovering from vacation, and her charity event!

on May 27, 2010


Hello Viewers!

Boy, things are coming to a boil! I could really use a Chicken Parm with extra cheese today. Right out of the toaster oven. Yesterday we filmed the reunion. Holy sweat box! Nine hours of hot lamps and hot topics. I thought Andy Cohen would run around in his boxers after they finished shooting.

OK, Episode 13. What did the cat drag in at breakfast? Four left over shells of women who usually lap up the drama. We had met our match. We were emotionally exhausted and it shows on our faces. No one slept the night before with what had transpired. Everyone locked their doors, including Kelly! Ramona offered me to sleep with her, but I don't wake as early as Ramona, so opted to sleep alone.

So I arranged badly needed manicures, pedicures, and massages together. We really deserved them. We were taping a lot and that is tiring, believe this old lady. Especially for the newbie! I want to be natural, give my best, but at the same time keep up with the drama. Yikes!

Finally after discovering Kelly has left, and we can relax, in walks Jill. Nothing against Jill, except I knew Bethenny didn't want to deal with this confrontation. Alex was upset with Jill as well, and Ramona as a hostess was strapped at this point! Ramona did harbor resentment towards Jill already since she wouldn't come for the full trip. As you know, Ramona felt Jill didn't want to come because it wasn't Jill's trip.