Sonja Morgan

Sonja recaps Bethenny and Kelly's hot mess of a showdown in St. John.

on May 20, 2010


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Now for Episode 12.
The first morning on the boat I felt really bad for Bethenny. The night before had been too much for her after what she had been through with her father passing. She came to have a vacation and relax at this stage in her pregnancy. By the way, I was sick as a dog when I was pregnant. The whole time, right to the bitter end. Everyone said I would feel better after the first three months. Wrong! So I was impressed that Bethenny came to support Ramona even though she was pregnant.

The gift bags Bethenny gave us were a thoughtful, generous gesture. I like that Jill tried to calm Kelly when she got to her room, and didn't stir the pot.

It was nice of Kelly to invite Bethenny to shoot pictures with us, but I don't blame Bethenny for not partaking. It was the perfect excuse to stay home and relax.

Ramona looked so hot for the shoot. Oh my gosh, her workouts and planks paid off! Kelly made us all feel beautiful and that was the most important thing, not that we looked silly (and allowed it to be taped for television!) Alex had on the glasses and hat from Bethenny's gift bag, and Kelly styled them. Alex was a good sport and did it all in the name of fun! It takes a lot to trust any photographer. I think Kelly must have something good out of that shoot, though. Ramona and I had our own photo shoot on the side, we always know how to have a good time no matter what. Did I speak too soon?