Sonja Morgan

Sonja recaps Bethenny and Kelly's hot mess of a showdown in St. John.

on May 20, 2010

Ramona did nothing but arrange a wonderful trip. Presidio del Mar of St John on Peter's Bay is absolutely stunning and well laid out. I really enjoyed discovering this home, its gardens (remember I am a gardener) and meeting the charming owner. The M/V Lady Olga was terrific too, I like the way the galley was set up like a kitchen in your own home. You could hang out there around the chef's island and it had a comfy seating area, television, etc. The chef was the captain's wife! She always had a plate of brownies or cookies out for us to enjoy. It was a very nice atmosphere. When the chef is happy, everyone is happy. When the chef isn't happy, no one is happy. I know firsthand. A 150 foot yacht quickly becomes very small when you are out to sea and someone goes bonkers, for whatever reason.

I could feel LuAnn's eerie premonition for Kelly having accepted the trip! I was planning on protecting Kelly and making sure she had fun and wasn't picked on.

Bethenny is some chef! I am a restaurant consultant, celebrity ambassador, lifestyle expert, PR personality, or whatever you want to call it, so I promise you that meal was super! Excluding atmosphere!!! A hostess has to be very careful who they put together on a trip and unfortunately no seating arrangement could help that situation. I have a lot of experience putting 12 people together for 10 days on a boat. You had better be good to do that and even then you take your chances when people are drinking. Excitement, expectation and actuality combined can be devastating if one is not happy inside.

I just wanted to talk hair, fashion, and other light, silly topics with the girls and poor Bethenny was hiding in the kitchen! She was in straight up, undeniable "fight or flight" mode at this point. I was so nervous I couldn't stop with the hair flipping and clothing fussing. It was painful to watch myself on camera. Ramona must have felt the same because she didn't want the crab cake to go back to the kitchen. So, I ate it! A third crab cake! Where was my poodle Millou when I needed him? I don't want the poochie growing!