Sonja Morgan

Sonja recaps Bethenny and Kelly's hot mess of a showdown in St. John.

on May 20, 2010

I can't believe Kelly gets the string and can't cut through her steak! What are the odds of that? And, she doesn't notice the string! She probably thought the meat was tough. At this point I am so scared there is a blow up coming so I am trying to stake down compliments to the food and substantiate my opinion with my credentials to try and combat any negative comments that may come. That usually works within a normal social conversation. Everyone just follows suit.

I like that Ramona reached out to Bethenny to bond over the Brooklyn Bridge thing. Whatever that was, it was good they could share feelings. That's what brings people closer and bonded.

I want to believe Bethenny didn't speak negatively about Kelly's children to the press, even though Kelly feels strongly that she did, for sure. I like to believe Bethenny would own up to it if she had, especially at this critical point. It was hard for me to watch this scene. I felt we all had to take responsibility for what had transpired. I felt Kelly's pain as well as Bethenny's and just wanted to make everyone whole again.

I didn't fall into the shots routine again! Kelly mentions coming back with her favorite shots. She always offers them to everyone, but I caught her putting her shot aside the night after she got me out of bed (when I really needed to stay in bed!), and then we ended up at the Hooters boat! I spoke to her about this, and now she understands how I feel. You can't toast eye to eye and not go shot for shot with your friends. If I had gone for her tequila move again I wouldn't have been able to make any sense whatsoever of the whole hot mess. Bottom line, I am sad that Bethenny and Kelly were not able to resolve their differences.

I needed a vacation after this vacation. My sympathies to Ramona for her great efforts (and everyone's by the way) but not my idea of a vacation.