Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives her take on Bethenny and Jill's relationship and recalls her fave moment from the season!

on Jun 3, 2010

LuAnn was sweet to stop and let me speak about Jill's entrance on scary island. Geeeez!!! I am so tiny next to her and sometimes it is hard to get a word in with these gals! But she understood. Thanks LuAnn. Like I said, money can't buy you real friends!

Ramona's renewal of vows was first class from beginning to end. I have cherished the Pierre for many years and can't think of a better place to have a celebration. She looked gorgeous and Mario and Avery were proud of her, as was I. I like the way Bethenny handled my pointing out the feathers on her dress when she represents PETA. Drama per usual, but it was an accident and she rolled with it. She is cool in my book.

Jill thought we were seated on teams at the renewal? I know Jill calls her fans the Jill team, so I am on THAT team, but as far as housewives being on teams? That is just silly. I am hoping to develop all our friendships as time goes on.

My favorite moment of the season? I guess I would have to say my art party benefiting Chateau Blerancourt Museo Franco American ( I was sick as a dog with the flu, but we had a great turnout and the food and wine from Cipriani was delicious. I really got into the Met singer, Jeffrey Mattsey! I feel good when things turn out well. My friends enjoyed themselves and we raised some money for charity and for the arts. I had a moment with the Housewives upstairs, but have found out when we are filming it does take attention away from the the main event. In the end, I am gracious that they came.

I learned this year that I am tough on myself and I know people will love me for who I am. Someone will always relate to my experiences and hopefully I can share with others in a helpful way.

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