Sonja Morgan

Sonja talks about taking big risks, Kelly's breakthrough, Bethenny's new show, and, of course, sex!

on Jun 14, 2010


Who isn't jealous that Bethenny got her own show! Jealousy is a natural feeling, even when your happy for the person and you love them. When I feel jealous, I try to understand where it is coming from and how to better myself where I feel I am lacking. Do I feel I would like to have my own show? Do I want the success that Bethenny has? If I do, and feel jealous that Bethenny does have these opportunities, then I need to do what I can to have the same success. No regrets. No fear. I think people feel jealous when they feel they may be left behind by those they have relationships with or can't keep up with people they actually admire. We sometimes get what we need, not what we want, so I just give it a go and see where it leads me. It's sort of like the Countess and her new hit song - who knows where it will lead? But she would never know if she didn't try.

I talk and talk and talk. Boy, do I like to talk. I am a Sagittarius. I like to share my experiences with the other housewives. I think the show was missing the subject of sex being an important part of life, and regardless of me going on about my cooking, gardening, writing, entertaining, fashion, charity, the film cuts always lead to sex. I think it is a popular subject and there are a lot of housewives who can relate and take solace in the fact they are not alone. I am willing to talk about it and so is Bethenny, so now the dam has broke! I did honestly enjoy talking with LuAnn and Kelly about it as well. I got a kick out of Kelly and the Max-capade and the Countess shared her feelings on Italian men. Good fun in my book!

Sex is healthy and something everyone should have if they want. Dating is hard, commitment is difficult to have if you have high standards, and if your a single mom there sometimes just isn't room for a serious commitment while your are trying to keep it together for your children.
I was just suggesting that having a Thursday night date with someone who also is not ready for long term commitment is not a crime. It can be a satisfying way to transition for a period of time and not have to go without or risk one-night stands that can be hurtful for some as Kelly
pointed out. Not everyone you date and think might lead to marriage will, and you might just surprise yourself when you least expect it. My mom always said it may be in your own backyard.