Sonja Morgan

Sonja talks about taking big risks, Kelly's breakthrough, Bethenny's new show, and, of course, sex!

on Jun 14, 2010

One-night stands happen! Anyone who doesn't realize that is living in another world. I suggest that if you do have a one-night stand, take precautions. Use protection even if you are steady with one man! Who knows? Even in a marriage you don't know! Being promiscuous is never good. But this happens too. Don't be hard on yourself and of course we ALL strive for long term love and commitment. I threw out my one-night stand comment to Kelly because I feel she is setting the bar so high. If I were to believe her hard line statements I feel she should be a little more carefree. This is my way of being dramatic when out with the girls. I like to tease them and make them think. Kelly gets very
defensive and then comes off as judgmental.

I think everyone at some point has been waiting in half fear for the next zinger coming from Bethenny and hoping they can handle it. We are adults though, and expect this on a show with a bunch of dramatic women! Like Kelly says, we are unpredictable.

I think Kelly is OK one-on-one and when she can drop in and drop out of a scene. Even she herself says she makes us white noise, and then she just has to leave sometimes. But, if you want to peel the layers of Kelly and really want to get to know her, she is guarded. She doesn't like to share feelings and has said this. This is how women bond, though. We become closer to one another by sharing vulnerabilities, with the knowledge we'll still be there for one another afterward. I think Kelly did have a breakthrough and now sees that she can't let herself get into these situations, because she won't roll with it and can't just enjoy the moment with this particular group of ladies. Kelly also has to remember we are on the show to be sensational, and that we all like to create drama in our
own way. I hope that Kelly and I can be closer friends by showing her I will still be there should she want to share, and communicate both ways. She has a lot to share.

We were not bullying Kelly. We were sharing our feelings with each other, and trying to relax, have fun and let our hair down, and meanwhile Kelly was saying one shouldn't stomp grapes, one shouldn't have one-night stands, one shouldn't have unprotected sex, one shouldn't have promiscuous sex, she never eats cornstarch, she never drinks, and it felt like an insult to everyone else discussing or doing the same. Never say never.