Sonja Morgan

Sonja explains what a real party is, and no, it shouldn't feature screaming and fighting!

on May 6, 2010


Thanks for following me on Twitter and my Facebook page. It's all new to me but I hope I am sharing with the other housewives who watch concepts that make them feel they are not alone in the ups and downs of life.

I thought it proper for LuAnn to greet the first guests as I still needed to get ready (and who arrives right on the dot?), and I had been guesting and entertaining international friends in town for Denise Rich's Angel ball benefiting cancer so it was a busy, busy time for me. Firstly, I wanted to snatch that dress that Alex donated and wear it just once before getting it to the consignment store! It was beautiful. But it was a charity for the homeless and that wouldn't be right. Though I have to say it was timeless, so I wonder why Alex didn't keep if it still fits? I like having things in my closet that I know work for me.

LuAnn was upset about the confrontation between Alex and Jill but this was simmering for awhile. Alex was at the point of no return, and there was no way she could let things go. They obviously needed to share some feelings with each other first. With real friends I trust, I speak my mind right at the moment, feelings are exchanged and we move on. No one is perfect and we all have our quirks.

When I put my hair up it is because I didn't have time to blow dry, wash it, or it just doesn't go the way I wanted it to look. LuAnn showed up with her hair and make up done perfectly and had her dress in a garment bag ready to go. I always prepare my own events and wait until the last minute to get ready because I want to make sure my guests will be happy first. I arrange the flowers from the market, or the orchids from Home Depot in my own cachepots, make sure the bar is laid out properly and that the food is presented properly (especially since the food, wine and service is donated), that the room flows, music is right, staff is prepared and knows what is expected from them. I then check my texts, phone calls for friends who lost the address or forgot the time. LuAnn brought beautiful Mums for the garden and I wanted to highlight them as well.