Tamra Barney

Tamra talks surprises, book deals, bling and adult meltdowns.

on Apr 14, 2009

Happy Easter everyone! We celebrated at my Mom's house this year - so happy I didn't have to cook. As I was about to take my first bite of ham my Mom yells out, "If I die don't bury me, I want to be cremated." OK, do we really have to talk about that right now? Then we all started arguing about what to do with her ashes. Then my brother says, "I want to be mummified." His wife yells, "I don't want your dead ass hanging around the house haunting me." He yells at her, "NO dumb shit, you can bury me after I'm mummified. I want to look good when I'm dug up one day." So then I started thinking, 'Shit, I don't want to be put in a box and buried six feet under either.' It would be my shit luck I would wake up, I am claustrophobic as hell. I was reminded that it would be next to impossible since your embalmed before your buried. Yes, holidays bring out the craziness in my family! Then I turned on Bravo and watched the preview for New Jersey Housewives and I felt totally normal. It just goes to show you cannot take life seriously, nobody gets out alive, anyway.

This week show was all about surprises, book deals, bling and adult meltdowns.

They start out this week at Zarin Fabrics for a cocktail party. Mario starts up about the tennis game, AGAIN. Please Mario, just let it go! I kept my mouth shut last week about your attitude thinking you were just pissed off about waiting an hour and a half for Simon. So here I go...MARIO GET OVER YOUR BIG SELF, WE LIKED IT BETTER WHEN RAMONA WAS THE CRAZY ONE, THERE IS NO ROOM FOR TWO CRAZIES IN ONE FAMILY! I was happy to see Jill take the high road and let Mario think he was right and end it all. Unfortunately Mario goes after Simon, telling him he looked like he was dressed for 7th grade gym class. Mario you WON, can't you just be happy with that? Do you have to personally attack Simon to make yourself feel better? I actually felt sorry for Simon at that moment. Then I kept watching and changed my mind.