Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks "Crazy Eyes" Ramona, sex-obsessed Sonja, and the "I Married an Old Dude" club meeting!

on Apr 23, 2010

What else did I think about the "I Married an Old Dude" club meeting? (Which I’m sorry, I could never ... just never ... it skieves me out to think about it. I’d rather live in a box and date hot, juicy guys my own age, than screw Grandpa for a penthouse, but that’s just me…) I think they all got beautiful Hamptons houses out of it. Sonja apparently even got a boat in St. Barts! I feel bad for LuAnn though. Those apartments were ridiculous for how much they cost! She should have fought harder to keep her townhouse. It looks like she didn’t know how much it was worth!

I am very happy that Bethenny got engaged. Did we know this wasn’t her first time? What’s the story there? Love her big hair weave again, although I have no idea how everyone didn’t see her giant boobs at the Gotham party and figure out she was pregnant. She was even rubbing them! That’s the first sign! (The bigness, not the rubbing…)

Jason was very sweet to go over to LuAnn and Jill and try to make nice with them. He’s a good guy. I’m kind of excited to see him actually get pissed next week though about Bethenny’s pregnancy being leaked on Perezhilton.com.

I didn’t think it was bad that Jill gushed over Bethenny’s engagement ring. It’s what you do when someone gets engaged. It was nice of her. It was really all she could do. But it was obviously too little too late for Bethenny. I think their divorce is going to be finalized any day…

I loved watching Kelly and her girls. Those girls are just too freakin’ cute. That Teddy wouldn’t talk but wrote everything down was a riot. “Wow, a burnt spatula.”