Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks "Crazy Eyes" Ramona, sex-obsessed Sonja, and the "I Married an Old Dude" club meeting!

on Apr 23, 2010

LuAnn demanding everyone at the Gotham party apologize to her for old offenses was not cool. Mario talking in Italian to LuAnn was super sexy. Alex’s dress looked like a trapeze lady outfit. Simon, suck it.

Ramona freaked me out when she was throwing things in her office and yelling at her assistants. Then she was back to nice with her daughter, saying how Avery taught her to love. I know she’s a bit crazy, but I guess considering what she’s been through, a little diarrhea of the mouth isn’t all that bad. It’s not like she does drive-bys with her kids in the car...

Ramona did score points with me when she ordered my favorite drink in the whole world though: a Bellini! I have two different Bellini recipes in my new book, Skinny Italian, because they are naturally – like most authentic Italian food – low calorie and delicious! Only 117 calories for a full glass!

Visit my website at www.teresagiudice.com for excerpts and recipes from Skinny Italian! You will want to lick the pages, I promise!