Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks nudity, Kelly's "weirdness," Bethenny going overboard, and LuAnn's "underdog" status.

on Mar 18, 2010


Thank you all for your amazing comments on my blog entries! It’s so cool to feel like I’m connecting with you all from all over the country. It’s one of the best parts of being on the Real Housewives and why I love it: getting to talk to so many great people.

I told you I read all the comments (and all my Twitters @teresa_giudice and Facebook comments), and I’m gonna prove it:

- JennaP: You are sooo right! The girls who always have to have the snappy comments are exhausting to be around. Maybe that’s it, I’m just exhausted by Bethenny (like I wasn’t exhausted enough with 4 little girls!)

- Bella0710: I was thinking exactly the same thing about Bethenny going overboard. When she actually had a sincere moment this week talking about how she wasn’t going to mess things up with Jason, I almost missed it because I was waiting for the cheesy one liner at the end. It was nice when she just smiled and stopped talking, wasn’t it?

- Marylyn: The idea of me and Bethenny teaming up because we’re so alike is very funny. That would be a freakin’ crazy team!

- Emily S: Your husband runs marathons? Tell him I said that’s amazing.

- Bluegrasslady78: Congrats on being the first comment. And I think my favorite.