Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks nudity, Kelly's "weirdness," Bethenny going overboard, and LuAnn's "underdog" status.

on Mar 18, 2010

So, now for the episode. This one was kind of insane. Nudity, a giant plastic horse and Lindsay Lohan??? Crazy!

I think Kelly was definitely the star of the episode. First we saw her with her girls at dinner. Her girls are completely gorgeous and so well behaved, but I have to say, I didn’t expect them to be so hilarious. Teddy was so funny: “If you’re not going to say something nice, then talk to the boobies, cause the hand’s off duty.” (You know I loved that!) Her girls reminded me of my own girls (especially Gia!), and I thought they really showed what a great mom Kelly is.

Kelly looked really beautiful during her Playboy shoot. I haven’t seen the final pictures, but when I was on Andy Cohen’s show with Jackie Collins, she said she’d seen them and that Kelly hardly showed anything. (I think she was kind of disappointed.) I was surprised we didn’t get to see Kelly’s photographer, her ex-husband Gilles Bensimon. I thought maybe he didn’t want to be on a reality show but he was on America’s Next Top Model (and Housewives is wayyy better than ANTM…).

I loved getting a tour of Kelly’s apartment. (How fabulous was her purse collection? Love it!) She has great taste. Her whole speech about wearing fur was so funny (“I’m a coldblooded person, so if I want to wear fur, more power to me.”). I think it’s refreshing that someone on TV can admit they drink beer, eat meat, and wear fur. Not everyone is a stick-thin, tofu-eater, right? I even loved it when Bethenny said, “Kelly believes that life is about cartwheels and roses and lollipops.” I think she meant it as an insult, but if I were Kelly, I’d take it as a compliment. Somehow Kelly’s “weirdness,” as her daughter Teddy called it, was a lot weirder last season. This season, she’s growing on me a lot. I really like Kelly’s optimism and how happy she is with her life. That’s how I am.