Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks nudity, Kelly's "weirdness," Bethenny going overboard, and LuAnn's "underdog" status.

on Mar 18, 2010

We also finally got to see Alex and Simon with their kids. Alex was making homemade pizza with her son on the counter helping her -- love love love it! Her boys are completely adorable. I don’t think kids climbing up the leg of someone is a big deal. I don’t have boys, but I know my Milania would do something like that. Kids are just full of energy. Who cares if they were jumping around? You want them to just sit on the couch and be vegetables?

I thought Alex’s house looked great. All the renovation work finally paid off. The one thing I didn’t like was Alex cackling about Jill only liking the underdog and LuAnn being an underdog now that she’s getting divorced. Maybe it was the wine, but I thought Alex was nicer than that. And there’s no way a countess who lives in the Hamptons and hosts parties for Ungaro is an underdog.

Finally, LOVE the Kelly's fur vest, LOVE Ramona’s dress at the Legends Ball, LOVE Bethenny’s big hair again.

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