Teresa Giudice

Teresa's having a tough time finding reasons to love Bethenny.

on Mar 12, 2010


From the previews for the week I was very excited to watch, but I have to say, this episode was a little tame. Nothing really happened, just a lot of talking and talking and talking. But I'm gonna start this week where I ended last time, with Bethenny. First, to answer some of your questions, no I do not hate Bethenny. I don't hate any of the Housewives. As I said last week, I really liked watching Bethenny the first two seasons. I liked watching her start her business and write her book and try to find love. I felt bad for her when she messed up. I was excited when things were going well. I am really, really happy for her and the success of her book. I owe her a lot of thanks myself, because her book being a bestseller helped inspire other Housewives like me to write books. (So excited my book, Skinny Italian comes out May 4, but more on that later...)

At Ramona's party, Ramona and Bethenny talked about how friends should be happy for each other's success and not jealous. I think that's really true, and what type of friend you are depends on how confident you are with yourself. I'm really, truly, deep down happy for my friends when they do well. I want them to all succeed and be billionaires. But I've also had people in my life that weren't happy for me, and I think its because they aren't happy with their own lives. I think Jill is one of those people who are really happy for Bethenny because even though they aren't friends, Jill doesn't bash Bethenny on her book. Jill just keeps saying she's hurt. I was a little surprised to see Bethenny admit that she was jealous when others were successful or "got something" she didn't have, but she said still happy for them.

Maybe that's my problem with Bethenny now: she's all over the place and I can't figure out who she is anymore. One minute she's being friends with Ramona, and the next minute she's calling Ramona "Cruella De Vil" and a "psycho Nazi" behind her back. Not nice. When she met LuAnn for a drink last week, Bethenny and LuAnn kissed and made up. Bethenny promised to not talk behind LuAnn's back anymore. Then this week, she tells Ramona all about the drinks and says LuAnn " lost her husband and grew a penis." Who says that???