Teresa Giudice

Teresa's having a tough time finding reasons to love Bethenny.

on Mar 12, 2010


So I tried this entire episode to find the nice things about Bethenny. I want to like her again. I really do I'm trying hard here. Let's see: it was nice to see her with Jason again. I think he's a nice guy. I think Ramona is right, that he is a "good complement to Bethenny." I was very happy that Bethenny apologized to Alex for not using her logo, and for not telling her she wasn't using it. I liked the interviews where she was wearing the big curly weave again. Fabulous, looks great on her. And ... that's all I could find.

So you guys tell me, what am I missing? What do you love about Bethenny? I know why you fell in love with her at first because i liked her then too, bot now it seems like she just says mean things to try to be funny, but it's not funny, it's just over the top and kind of sad. I'm open though, convince me!

There really wasn't a lot about Alex and Kelly this episode. I'm looking forward to seeing them next week with their kids. It was nice to see Ally and Bobby again. They looked great. So did LuAnn's kids.

I did agree with Jill's decision not to go Ramona's party since she was LuAnn's house guest. You just can't do that. It's not right. Very good of her to be loyal to LuAnn.

I didn't agree with Ramona holding Alex hostage at her party though. If Ramona had a big, catered nighttime party with lots of people and LuAnn tried to outshine her with her own party, that would have been tacky. B ut it was Labor Day weekend, it was daytime, and it was just a casual lunch with 8 people. You stop by and see lots of people on Labor Day. I think Alex should have stood her ground and stopped by to visit with LuAnn and Jill. She let Ramona bully her into staying.