Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks Bethenny and Jill's awkward hug, LuAnn's classy answers, and Kelly's Scary Island excuses.

on Jun 18, 2010

But then she explained everything. Kelly's used to being quiet with her kids, and when there is too much "chatter," she "turns the volume down." When she tunes back in, sometimes she’s too late and her comment doesn’t make sense. She admitted that at the Reunion, she had everyone tuned down to "a two." It all makes sense now, doesn’t it? I was know I was relieved, although it looked like Bethenny's head was going to explode every time Kelly talked. I think Bethenny has Kelly turned down to a one.

At the end, it was sad when Andy said that in season one Jill and Bethenny were like Laverne and Shirley and over the past 14 weeks, we watched their friendship totally disintegrate. It’s sad, but I do really think after seeing Bethenny refuse to get up to hug Jill that it really is over. Done. We all need to move on. At least until next week's Lost Footage episode ...

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