Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice breaks down the final island episode and defends the use of the word "ho-bag."

on May 28, 2010


It might have been a nice, calm week for the New York 
ladies, but it was an amazing, exciting week for me! I got to watch my
 beautiful baby Audriana being born on The Real Housewives of New Jersey – follow
 me on Facebook or Twitter (@teresa_giudice) to see pictures of her now. Thank
 you all so much for your incredibly sweet wishes and congrats!!! Dina is a
 great godmother, and I cried again watching that scene! I am so sorry if you
 don’t have kids and my labor scared you though. I had NO IDEA Bravo was going 
to show the huge freakin’ needle going into my back like that! I was having
 phantom contractions sitting on the couch watching the episode, so I’m sure you
 guys were too. But it’s totally worth it, of course. All babies are!

My other baby, my book Skinny Italian actually climbed up
 the NYT Best-seller list to No. 5 this week as well. I cannot believe how blessed I
am to have such amazing, amazing fans. The stories you are sending me of how
 you are eating healthy, learning to love yourself more, and how your kids are
not being as picky – as well as the gorgeous photos of you hot Italian cooks! –
 mean more to me than you could ever know! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tanti Baci,