Teresa Giudice

The Real Housewife of New Jersey explains why she just might be taking Jill's side.

on Mar 5, 2010

Do I ever have to say how excited I am to be guest blogging for the season of The Real Housewives of New York? Love love love it! They definitely know how to bring the drama. The season premiere was so good, I watched it twice. Jill and Bethenny are not friends anymore because Jill thinks Bethenny used her, and Bethenny thinks Jill is too needy.

I listened to both of their arguments and tried not to take sides, but I have to say, I think I have to go with Jill on this one. Here's why: we saw from the first episode of New York Season 1 what kind of person Jill was. Jill is a person with lots of connections who likes to hook people up. She just likes to do it. She doesn't get paid for it. She not in business to do it like a professional matchmaker like Patti Stranger; she just likes to put people together. When we met Bethenny she really didn't have any connections. She lived in this tiny apartment, she talked about how poor she was, and about how much Jill helped her. The reality is that Jill did help Bethenny. She helped Bethenny A LOT. Jill was Bethenny's freakin' fairy godmother. Now that Bethenny has gotten successful,  I think she's forgootten how she got thay way. Yeah, Bethenny hustled. Yeah, she works hard, but without those connections from Jill, she never could have made it happen.

The first two seasons, Bethenny was a weeping, hot mess. And that's what people loved about her. She was real.  She got sloppy drunk in front of her boyfriend.  She had to stay with Jill in the Hamptons because she couldn't afford a place.  She had to borrow Jill's mom for self confidence because she didn't have a family to give her any.  She wasn't born with any big advantages. It was great to watch because that's how a lot of us were born. She was scrappy and fiesty and wanted to win and Jill saw that and helped her win. Bethenny won; she's got a lot of success and she's busy now. But why is she too busy for the person who got her there?  Bethenny says she is grateful and that she's thanked Jill and that she can't thank her enough to ever satisfy Jill. Jill is a strong woman, so you can maybe see how that would be the case, except that Jill tells us Bobby had cancer this summer and Bethenny sent flowers but never stopped by. If that's true that is completely uncool.

LuAnn shows up and says she's getting the same treatment from Bethenny. Bethenny didn't used to be able to get into any of the fabulous parties, and LuAnn was great for hanging out with. Bethenny really enjoyed knowing a "Countess." But then Bethenny got successful, and didn't need LuAnn either. Bethenny says shw was just busy, but LuAnn made a good point saying her whole life fell apart and Bethenny wasn't there even once. Bethenny tried to defend herself saying she sent a basket over. LuAnn had one of my favorite lines of the episode: "Gift basket"? I wanted a hug!"

Ramona has some of my favorite lines of the show like: "I'm a nice girl ."  Maybe I'm mean with the things I say because I'm honest, but I'm a nice person." What the hell???

Of course, Bethenny telling Jill to "get a hobby" was not cool at all, but i thought Jill handled it well when she said, "I did get a hobby and its not hanging with Bethenny". Loved it. Go Jill. I hope we do get to see a new side of Kelly this season. I knew she was married to a famous photographer, and that he's older than her, but I didn't know she was only 23. When she said that time in her life was like being Rapunzel stuck in a castle with two small kids, I thought that was really interesting. Now she wants to be Robin to someone's Batman. LuAnn didn't get it, but i got it. She wants to be part of a team with a great guy. I hope she gets to.