Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks Housewives bridge battles, and discovers Bethenny's more than just a "joke machine."

on Apr 9, 2010


What a great episode! Finally, things are happening, secrets are coming out, and we’re starting to see more sides to the stories.

First, Bethenny and Ramona went on a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (random...) where they both attacked each other like crazy. Ramona accused Bethenny of planting her own press, being self-serving and having no friends. Bethenny shot back that Ramona was crazy and ungrateful and reminded her that she had told her Twitter friends to buy Ramona’s HSN jewelry. The most shocking things weren’t the insults though, it was what happened afterwards: Bethenny showed emotion and Ramona showed remorse. When Bethenny cried it was nice to see she was actually more than just a joke machine. And when Ramona apologized for hurting Bethenny’s feelings, I almost fell out of my chair. Ramona actually sensed she had crossed the line, seemed to regret it, and apologized to Bethenny over and over again. So much so that they were still friends by the time they got to the end of the bridge.

Ramona actually scored more points with me when she tried to get Jill and Bethenny to meet. First of all, when she presented it to Bethenny, she didn’t try to bully her about it, she said, “Think about it, don’t answer me now, just think about it.” (Who is this calm, rational Ramona?) I think it was nice she tried to get them together. It was a setup, yes, but it wasn’t sabotage for goodness sake. And as we saw from the clip - it was EXACTLY the same thing Jill did to Bethenny and Kelly last year. Jill literally locked them in a bedroom and told them not to come out until they were friends. Jill and LuAnn have no right to be mad at Ramona.

What is up with LuAnn not wanting Jill and Bethenny to make up? I have a feeling if Bethenny apologized to LuAnn and tried to be friends with her first, then LuAnn would be OK with Jill and Bethenny being friends...