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Summer Is Here!

Not only is it hot, but things are busy!

Summer is here, and it's HOT in the city tonight! Could be a Billy Idol song, or could be the old folk song about Mrs. O'Leary's cow, which François just learned at school and had been singing non-stop. We're off to the Ronald McDonald House benefit tonight, followed by a stop at my favorite neighborhood boutique, Epaulet, and then home to the boys.

Bravo's A-List Awards are showing tonight, and it's going to be fun! What a day and night that was -- let's just put it this way ... we know Simon & I've made an impression when we get roasted by Rachel Dratch, and one gorgeous Make Me a Supermodel host who played Simon alongside her, complete with her take off of one of my "infamous" dresses and our "love of shopping ... a lot!" Tune in tonight for a crazy, irreverent take on culture as seen by the good folks at Bravo, and perhaps you'll see Project Runway's Christian Siriano's evaluation of Simon's jacket that he wore that night ... a big plus.

We also had the opportunity to meet the OC ladies that night, which you may have read about. I think between all the comments reported in the press, the playing field is level and everyone's even. Now, who wants a drink? Maybe we'll all meet for a summit -- Chicago, perhaps ... Work has been crazy for both Simon and me, though we've managed to do a few things around the house, including setting up our backyard pool. It's been so unbelievably hot that we were able to jump right in as opposed to waiting a week for the water to be bearable. The boys love it, and we can see that François' swimming lessons have really been paying off! We just booked our trip to St. Barths, and he is already agitating to dive with us. He has to be bigger than the tank, though, so it's going to be limited to snorkeling this summer (don't tell him!)

At any rate, we're planning a shipwreck dive this trip which should be fun, and of course to eat ourselves silly as usual. We've run into a few of the NYCers we know who go down to SB at the same time every year, and everyone's looking forward to the break after what we know will be a hot, busy summer! It's a time to forget about the city we love and focus on family and food. Can't wait! But before we get too far ahead of the game, there's plenty to be done up here.

The renovation is moving along -- we took some time to go through the New York Design Center this week and look at some really interesting pieces. Look for the story later this summer in their national magazine, Array.