Ramona Singer: I Don’t Know Why Bethenny Is Full of Anger

“Bethenny did not even have tits yet when I was a buyer for Macy’s.”

I can’t believe it’s season 10! Where did the time go? It’s been a great experience, and I must say I’ve enjoyed being on the show. Thank you all for your support through my ups and downs. This season will be like no other, and I can’t even describe it in three words or less as I have historically done in the past.

I am always one to support my friends in any way I can. My mother instilled in me at a young age the importance of having your own financial independence, and I relish in women's success. All the women on the show have achieved different successes and I have always been there to support them (including Bethenny) and give them credit. I can’t believe how Bethenny spoke to me at the Halloween party...to say I was shocked is an understatement. Regardless of your accomplishments or the title behind your name, no one has the right to speak to someone in this manner.

Bethenny did not even have tits yet when I was a buyer for Macy’s in NYC. Bethenny was still in high school when I opened up my own business, RMS Fashions. I don’t know why she is full of anger, but this season I took a step back from her as Carole did. You will see new friendships forged and some friendships go by the wayside...Get ready for a spectacular season!


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