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Ask Gloria: Volume III

Real Housewife of New York City Jill Zarin's mother, Gloria, responds to reader comments and questions.

We at were just as taken with Jill Zarin's mother, Gloria, on The Real Housewives of New York City as you were. We asked you to submit your questions, and you did! See how Gloria responded:

You are the mother that every woman wishes they had. Your advice is sensible, practical, and relevant. You "tell it like it is," with compassion and care. I hope you will be on next season's show.

Jen in Maine


Dear Jen, Thank you for your caring remarks.  Good luck.

GloriaGloria-You Rock!
My 24 year old son is  moving home in a couple of weeks. Because he is working full time and going to  school, he just cannot afford living on his own and paying for school. We  discussed the ground rules prior to him moving in. He knows I love him very  much, but I am done taking care of him. We have been empty nesters for a few  years now. I am sure a few feathers will be ruffled, but it takes knowing you  must smooth them out each day. My husband is his  step-
father, and we discussed everything before  hand also. No wonder that ladies husband is complaining night and day...I  would be complaining too! My son is going to be paying a small amount to live  here.I will of course put that money away and give it to  him when he graduates. (shhh, he doesnt know that  part). I might be writing back soon to ask advice on how to deal with it..but  I think we have laid good ground work. Keep up the good advice.



Thank  you for your kind words.  I hope that everything works out for you.   Keep in touch.


Gloria - you need your own show! I  love you on RH-NY - you're a doll... Did you manage to marry off Bethanny  yet



Hi, No I haven't been able to pull that one off.  Thanks for writing.


Firrst of  all....You should be a housewife!

I'm wanting a  new tattoo and I'm afraid of my stupid parents. My Dad and my sister are just  kind of strict. My sister more than my father. My mother passed when I was 8  so she kind of took over. I'm 24 years old but I'm worried about what they'll  think. Still concerned about their approval. Is it time to grow up, grab my  balls and just do it? Or is the "respect" I have for them supposed to follow  me indefinatley?

Joey c. in El Paso


Hi, Thanks for writing. First of all, I agree with Dad. Tattooing is both dangerous and most of the time quite gross. It is an impractical thing to do, so give it a lot more thought.  I think you are angry and depressed. I understand that you are having a hard time living with dad and sis, but that is because you cannot afford a place of your own. Get a job, go to school. Become proactive in your life. There are many times in our lives when we wish we could do things differently, etc.  You are young and strong.  You can do anything you set your mind on.  Go to it!


Oh  Gloria, great advice to the empty-nesters (2nd letter). I've been married 16  yrs now, and my mom always gave us the advice to make time for each other -  because eventually the kids would leave and we needed to have maintained the  "couple" relationship and not just become parents in this family. Of course, I  also think it was her way of making sure she got alone time with the grandkids  while we took mini-vacations without them! I guess that was a win-win thoug  for everyone.



Dear  Kathy, Thanks for the thumbs up.  If at any time I can be of help, I am  just a letter away.  Gloria

Heather Says That's a Wrap

Heather thanks the "right side of the couch" for being real girlfriends.

That’s a wrap! Thanks to all you Yummies for tuning in to watch us every week and for tweeting with me through the good, the bad and the crazy. And thank you to the RIGHT side of the couch (and boy is it right!) Lu, Carole, and Kristen -- you continue to show me what true girlfriends look like.

The motherf---in’ end! Holla!


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